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01 Why is good web design important?

A “typical website visitor” decides within a few seconds or even a split second whether he finds a page appealing. This decision has a significant impact on how long they stay on the website afterwards. A website must therefore be convincing and arouse interest at first glance. Good web design attracts attention and entices a visitor to engage more intensively with the content on the website and to interact with it.

Because, a good website can become the best sales agent of your company! With professional web design, your website becomes not only a digital business card, but a digital storefront. With MA.STA Vision as your web design agency on your side, your website will not only become a digital business card, but a digital storefront.

What is web design? 02

Web design or web creation, refers to the graphic, functional and structural conception of a website. The goal is to make the website as appealing as possible to your target audience. This concerns not only the layout, typography, color selection or graphic elements such as images, icons or animations.

Technical aspects such as the display on different end devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet) are also an imperative part of modern and good web design. The implementation of the web design is the web development, which is implemented in our digital agency by our experienced programmers in Nuremberg.

03 This is what good web design is all about!

With a ready-made template, it is nowadays possible to create a website on your own and in no it can virtually anyone have a Wix!

The catch? A few hundred thousand others had the same idea and possibly even found exactly the same template also quite nice. Now you have your own website that looks like many others and you don’t really have your own website after all.

With professional web design from our web design team in Berlin, you get a unique website that is tailored exactly to your needs and your target audience. You will not get a standard solution, but you can determine yourself which functions you need and which goals your website should fulfill. We bring your website to life with modern and dynamic elements and make sure that your online presence corresponds with your corporate identity. Thanks to our in-house SEO specialists, our web design is always accompanied by extensive search engine optimization so that your site not only looks good, but is found on Google!

04 What does good web design cost at MA.STA VISION?

Quanta Costa?

In our opinion, there is no such thing as “THE” web design. That’s why we can’t name any generalized prices for the services of our digital agency in Berlin in the areas of layout creation, graphic design and user experience design. Each project has its own requirements and therefore has a cost that must first be determined. For us as a digital agency, the first step is to find out what these requirements are.

That’s why we don’t offer flat-rate service packages à la S, M, and L. In our experience, such service packages always lead to you either not getting the 100% service you deserve – because the price is capped – or resting on a (too) large service package. Either way, such packages never lead to what we consider to be fair value for money.

However, we are always open to make the maximum possible on the basis of a fixed budget! Only the “maximum” must be defined exactly beforehand.