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01 What does web development mean?

Web development or web development is the technical implementation of a website. Also called programming. On the one hand, this involves the implementation of the layout and design of a website (web design) for Internet browsers. This is called frontend programming (the “front” of a website, which is visible to visitors). On the other hand, web development also includes the technical implementation and maintenance of the content management system (CMS), the server and the databases. This is called backend programming (the “back side” of a website, which is not visible to the visitor). In doing so, professional web development can help update and future-proof an outdated website, as well as create a website from scratch.

In our digital agency in Nuremberg and Berlin, our web developers work closely with our web designers, SEO specialists and content creators. This guarantees that the implementation of a website is aligned with the needs of all parties involved and ultimately the customer.

02 Professional front-end development

Based on the frontend programming in the code, the appearance and function of the website is defined for the website visitors and optimized for different devices and display sizes (Responsive Web Design). Typically, frontend developers work with the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) or HTML5 markup language, the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) stylesheet language, and the JavaScript scripting language. HTML is used to define the structure of the website in the code. Our web development agency in Nuremberg uses the latest version HTML5. CSS controls the design and layout of a website as well as the display on different devices with different screen sizes. The JavaScript scripting language extends HTML and CSS for the implementation of dynamic web pages that can adapt to the user.






By using frameworks such as Sage, Foundation, jQuery etc., programming in our digital agency in Nuremberg and Berlin is made as efficient as possible. Our frontend programmers are therefore able to effectively implement simple as well as complex web design.

03 Professional back-end programming

Backend programmers deal with the elements of a website that are not visible to the visitor. This is about ensuring the functionality of all website content, applications and interfaces, as well as guaranteeing good performance of a website. In fact, what is visible on the website can be thought of as the tip of the iceberg. Most of it happens in the background, in the backend. Without the backend there is no frontend. Backend programming activities include CMS development and enhancement, server and database maintenance, and integration of various systems and software on a website.

With professional backend programming from our experienced digital agency in Nuremberg and Berlin, we ensure that your website is easy to use, runs smoothly and can be constantly adapted to new developments in the digital world.

04 Easy handling, individual templates - Our Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a software that helps to create and customize the content of a page (text, video, image, etc.). For our digital agency for web development in Nuremberg it is not only important that your website looks good, but that you are able to independently maintain the content and confidently navigate the backend. Due to their ease of use and flexibility, our agency prefers to program websites with the open source content management systems (CMS) WordPress and Typo3 (the latest versions in each case). Our possibilities are not limited to the basic functions of the respective themes. We are happy to further develop your current CMS and thus create an individual backend that meets all your requirements.

Our CMS solutions are understandable, but nevertheless regular maintenance of all page content requires some effort and time. Therefore, we are happy to assist you with the care and maintenance of your website even after the web development.

05 Responsive web development for all mobile devices

The optimization of your website for all devices – whether mobile, tablet or desktop – takes a very high priority in our digital agency. Because, our goal is to optimally prepare your website for current and future developments. One of the biggest digital developments in recent years is the widespread use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, when searching and viewing websites. Starting this year, website optimization for mobile devices will become mandatory. In March 2021, Google will introduce the “Mobile Only Index”, which means that a website will only be indexed based on mobile-viewable content.

In our agency for web design and web development in Nuremberg and Berlin, all websites are initially designed according to the mobile-first concept. This means that your website is first designed for display on mobile devices and then successively enhanced for display on laptops, PCs, etc. For a smooth adaptation to the different display sizes, all our websites are designed and programmed responsively. Based on common screen widths, so-called CSS media queries are used to define breakpoints that allow different display options in the browser. Image and font sizes, as well as the arrangement of website elements and navigation then adapt to use on a smartphone, for example. The mobile-friendly display is complemented by optimized loading times.

06 Fast loading times (page speed) and performance

A slow website is not only frustrating for website visitors, but also has a negative impact on Google search rankings. This is an important part of good web development, especially due to the increasing mobile usage of websites, as many users access websites on the go via their mobile network. A website that takes too long to load is usually abandoned after a few seconds.

However, not only the loading speed (page speed) of a website is crucial for a smooth and satisfying user experience (keyword user experience and usability). From May 2021, Google will introduce the so-called Core Web Vitals. What are Core Web Vitals? They are defined signals that the quality of the user experience on a website should feed back to Google. This involves analyzing how quickly a page’s content loads, how stable it behaves (visually), and how quickly a person can interact with the page. More specifically, these are three metrics. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures how quickly the most important elements on a page load. First Input Delay (FID) indicates how quickly a command can be executed on a web page, such as clicking a link. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) analyzes how stable the layout of a web page behaves or whether, for example, content is reloaded and thus content shifts in the short term. Optimizing a website for Core Wen Vitals is therefore about enhancing the user experience. This inevitably has an impact on how visitors rate a website and therefore the company.

Our digital agency for web development in Nuremberg specializes in creating fast and powerful websites that make your website shine anytime, anywhere.

07 How much does professional web development cost at MA.STA Vision?

For our services in the field of web development, no flat rate price is possible due to the complexity of these services.

Therefore, we do not offer flat-rate service packages à la S, M, and L. In our experience, such packages always result in you either not getting the 100% service you deserve – because the price is capped – or resting on a (too) large service package. Either way, such packages never lead to what we consider to be fair value for money.

However, we are always open to make the maximum possible on the basis of a fixed budget! Only the “maximum” must be defined exactly beforehand.