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01 Bill said it back in 1996!

“Content is king” – as Bill Gates put it back in 1996, and the phrase is more relevant today than ever before. Only those who communicate convincingly and with content to their customers can initially stand out in the abundance of competitors on the Internet and ultimately hold their own. MA.STA Vision, as a content marketing agency in Berlin and Nuremberg, helps you with a well thought-out digital communication to convey your expertise to your desired target group and to improve your visibility in Google search. With successful content marketing, you can position your company in the market in the best possible way and build long-term customer relationships!

02 Our content marketing measures

As with all our services as a digital agency in Berlin and Nuremberg, your wishes and goals come first. We advise you competently on your options and put together an offer for you according to a typical “marketing mix” that suits you exactly. No contract terms, no standard packages – you get exactly what you want and need to successfully run content marketing. When it comes to content marketing, our online marketing specialists from Berlin analyze your target group in detail and then decide together with you which website texts or social media platforms are target-oriented.

03 Have SEO texts written for your homepage

A successful website text should inspire two target groups – the website visitors (your target group) and search engines like Google. The practical thing is, a well-written and informative text is usually also a good text for Google! The focus is always on the visitor’s search intention. What information is your target group looking for and what other information could interest them?

To answer this question, our content marketing and SEO team in Berlin first conducts a detailed target group analysis and keyword research. So the first thing to clarify is:

What is your target group interested in and what search queries can be derived from this?

Once the overriding questions have been clarified, your topics and subtopics are structured in a meaningful way based on the results of the target group analysis and the keyword research. And then the writing of the search engine optimized texts can start :-).

Our SEO specialists pay meticulous attention to the use of relevant keywords without overstuffing the texts with them. The reading experience and a valuable information content, always goes before an over-optimized text!

So-called keyword stuffing, the excessive use of important search terms, is not only bad for readability, but is even penalized by Google in the end. Our goal is always to convince your visitors of your company and your services with valuable content. Qualitative content always affects the ranking in Google search results.

04 Convincing with cross-media - social media marketing

A successful content marketing strategy is all about creating different touch points with your target audience. There is no denying that social media have taken on a kind of omnipresence on the Internet. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Co. are part of everyday life for many people. Social media is therefore an excellent way to establish another digital communication channel with your own target group. This can increase the reach of your company and reach a larger number of potential customers.

Our content marketing agency MA.STA Vision can help you set up a professional and effective social media strategy. To do this, we first analyze your target audience and advise you in detail on the potential of social media platforms that fit your business goals. Not every target group can be found on Instagram or YouTube, for example.

From building a company profile to planning communication campaigns and interacting with your followers, we help you as content marketing specialists to build a targeted social media presence.

05 Facebook Marketing - The Classic

Facebook is still a social media giant in 2021 and offers many opportunities to provide potential customers with regular content. News about your company, changed opening hours, new services or special promotions can be communicated effectively and targeted. In addition to editorial content, our online marketing team in Berlin is happy to create complementary Facebook Ads campaigns that are played out to your specific target group.

06 Instagram Marketing - The Power of Images

Instagram is the platform of pictures or moving images (videos). Next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms worldwide and is perfectly suited for visual and emotional communication. We help you produce the image and video content that fits your corporate CI (corporate identity) and your target group. With convincing storytelling (texts) and the right hashtags, we help you to increase your number of followers and thus strengthen your customer loyalty.

07 LinkedIn Marketing - Target your industry

For several years now, LinkedIn has been on the rise and has expanded its possibilities for intra-industry communication. Our digital agency in Berlin and Nuremberg sees LinkedIn as a great opportunity for companies in 2021. LinkedIn marketing can be used to build a targeted network of customers and business partners (B2B) and communicate company content. We would be happy to set up a personalized LinkedIn marketing strategy with you and also advise you on the possibility of targeted advertising (LinkedIn Ads).

08 Video content - interviews, image films and animations for your website

Videos have become an important communication tool on the Internet and allow a company to convince visually and emotionally. Our digital visual communication team in Berlin works with experienced freelancers in the field of film production and motion design. You want to shoot an image film? Conduct employee interviews? Or an animation for your website? No problem!

From the development of the video concept, the shooting on location to the post-production, we let your wishes become reality (in the form of a video 🙂 ).

We will be happy to help you distribute the videos on social media (e.g. Instagram) or YouTube afterwards.

09 What does content marketing cost at MA.STA Vision?

We have explained in the previous points that content marketing is an umbrella term for many different individual services. That’s why we can’t quote a flat rate for the services of our digital agency in Berlin. Each project has its own requirements and therefore has a cost that must first be determined. For us as a digital agency, this first has to be found out.

That’s why we don’t offer flat-rate service packages à la S, M, and L. In our experience, such service packages always lead to you either not getting the 100% service you are entitled to – because the price is capped – or resting on a (too) large service package. Either way, such packages never lead to what we consider to be fair value for money.

However, we are always open to make the maximum possible on the basis of a fixed budget! Only the “maximum” must be defined exactly beforehand.