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01 What matters - Our SEO measures

What makes a website good for Google and ensures you a good position in the rankings? It is important to emphasize that Google never makes definitive statements regarding the ranking factors in Google search. Tips and “guidelines” are published regularly, but they do not define how strongly a ranking factor influences the evaluation of a website.

In general, however, one guiding principle can be noted for successful SEO measures, to which our SEO agency Berlin and Nuremberg also adheres: A good site for the user, is also a good site for Google.

If a website is sensible, understandable and appealing to the user, Google perceives this through the measurement of user behavior. A good user experience leads to longer dwell times, higher click-through rates and more interactions on the website. All these signals show Google that a page is a relevant source for a specific search query. The focus of our SEO agency in Berlin and Nuremberg is therefore to design high-quality user experiences and help Google understand the website as easily as possible.

02 The search snippet - your search result on Google

In Google search, short information about the website is displayed, like a preview. They are called “snippet” (also Google snippet, search snippet, SERP snippet). In most cases, this includes the URL of the website, the so-called title tag (the “title” of the page) and the meta description (short summary of the page content). This information can be formulated by the website owner and provided to Google. In this way, it is possible to control what is displayed to potential customers and, in the best case, convince them to visit one’s own website. By using relevant keywords in the title tag and an appealing wording in the meta description, the position in the search results can be improved and the number of clicks (CTR, click-through rate) can be increased.

In our SEO agency in Berlin and Nuremberg, we determine the optimal keywords under which your website should be found on the web based on extensive keyword research and competitor analysis. Based on these results, we formulate appealing SERP snippets that people like to click on often.

03 Logical link structure and information architecture

A good website is characterized by the fact that people can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for or carry out a desired interaction (for example, contacting, making an appointment). One factor is the logical and structured structure of the information on the home page and subpages. Through H1, H2 etc. headings, relevant keywords can be picked up and the information on the page can be structured in a meaningful way. The headings are based in our SEO agency Berlin on the evaluation of a detailed keyword research. Furthermore, our SEO specialists pay attention to a logical internal linking and flat URL hierarchy for all websites. This means that the content can be found by visitors and Google with as few clicks as possible.

A good website is characterized by the fact that you can quickly and easily find the information you are looking for or perform a desired interaction (for example, contacting, making an appointment).

04 Local SEO - be found in your city

For many entrepreneurs it is very important that they can be found locally by their customers on the Internet. This includes, among others, stores, local businesses, service providers such as craftsmen or doctors. Nowadays, anyone looking for a dentist in their area is more likely to consult Google instead of going on foot to search. It is therefore essential for businesses to be found on Google Maps and in organic search.

Through strategic and target group specific SEO measures, we can support you as an SEO agency in Berlin with the findability of your company in your city.

An important factor in local search results is the actual physical proximity of a company to the searcher. While our agency is good, even we can’t teleport a business.

What we can do is professionally create or optimize your Google My Business profile. Consistent NAP information (Name, Address, Phone) in your business profile, on your website, social media profiles, as well as in industry portals inspires trust and consistency in data is rewarded by Google. In addition, relevant keywords can be used in the profile descriptions. Our online marketing agency also helps them to set a strong local keyword focus on your site (SEO texts and meta tags). Also a local content marketing strategy on social media and targeted Google Adwords strategies are part of our repertoire as SEO agency.

05 Your content - have SEO texts written

Good content is the be-all and end-all of a successful website. Good website text holds a visitor’s attention and motivates them to click further and interact with the site (for example, by making a purchase or contacting the site). This user behavior sends the signal to Google that the website is a helpful result for the keyword searched.

So what makes a website text a good SEO text? And why should I go to an SEO agency for it? The presentation of search results on Google always pursue the goal of satisfying the search intention of a user as best as possible. For example, if a user is looking for information on the topic “What is SEO?”, Google searches for websites that answer this question and also explain other possible questions on the topic of “SEO”.

Our SEO agency Berlin specializes in writing SEO texts that answer all relevant search queries of potential customers and thus position your website optimally on the web. With the help of extensive keyword research, we find the topics your visitors are looking for and formulate texts that have an optimal keyword density and length.

06 Images SEO - Alt tags

At first glance, images appear to be a purely graphical element of a website. In fact, however, images and graphics can also be search engine optimized.

So-called “alt tags” should be formulated for all images. This is a short description of the content of the image. This “alternative text” is displayed if an image cannot be displayed properly. This is important for blind website visitors, for example, as this text gives them information about the content of the image. But the alt tag is also important for Google to correctly classify the content of the website. The use of an alt tag is also important for image search on Google.

07 Responsive web design for all devices

Responsive design” is an aspect of technical SEO (OnPage optimization) and refers to the optimization of a website for mobile devices. The smartphone as a faithful companion of many people and the use of tablets pose new challenges to websites. The size of the displays (also called viewport) varies greatly and this has an impact on the display of a website. Text and images that are perfectly viewable on a desktop may not be viewable on a cell phone or may not be displayed in a structured manner. If this is the case, visitors are more inclined to leave the website.

Google has taken note of the change in user behavior and has therefore been using the mobile-friendliness of a website as a ranking factor for several years. What has been considered best practice for several years will now become mandatory in March 2021: Google is switching indexing completely to mobile-first. Content on a website that can only be seen on desktops but not on smartphones, for example, will be ignored when relevant search results are displayed.

This means that Responsive Web Design is essential for an SEO optimized site. Our SEO and web design agency in Berlin and Nuremberg designs websites exclusively according to the “mobile first” principle. Mobile First means that a website is designed with regard to the display on mobile devices and then successively supplemented for the other viewports. This way, your website is optimally displayed on all end devices, visitors can easily find their way around and interact with your website.

08 Page speed: Optimized load times & performance

A large proportion of all users decide within a few seconds, sometimes even in fractions of a second, whether he or she will stay on the page or leave it again. For website operators, this means that a website should be displayed optimally as quickly as possible. Long loading times of a website or certain contents of the page can lead to a visitor bouncing back after a short time. This in turn sends Google the signal that the website was not helpful in answering the search query. An accumulation of these signals inevitably has a negative impact on the ranking of a website. The loading time of a website as a ranking factor is often called “page speed”. The web specialists of our SEO agency in Berlin and Nuremberg ensures that all content on your website is displayed and functions quickly. With a good page performance you ensure a good ranking in Google search results!

09 What does search engine optimization cost at Ma.StaVision?

Since there is no such thing as “THE” SEO measure(s), we cannot quote a blanket price. Every project has its own unique requirements that are to be achieved with the SEO strategy. As a digital agency, we first have to get to know these.

That’s why we don’t offer any flat-rate service packages à la S, M, and L. In our experience, such service packages always lead to you either not getting the 100% service you deserve – because the price is capped – or resting on a large service package. Either way, such packages never lead to what we consider to be fair value for money.

However, we are always open to make the maximum possible on the basis of a fixed budget! Only the “maximum” must be defined exactly beforehand.